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Family Safity

Vind is designed and developed keeping family safety in mind. With hectic schedules and busy life, family safety is everyone’s priority. Vind gives you option to view your family members on a map and receive alerts when your family member arrive at office, home or school.

Family Safity

You can create groups for employees, family, friends or for people with whom you can afford to loose connectivity. Circle members can see each other’s location and journey details

Family Safity

Vind provides weekly driving reports of the circle members. We let you know the events like phone usage, rapid acceleration, hard breaking, average speed, top speed and also tell you at which point it occurred in the map


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Personal Circle

With the help of vind app you can keep in touch with your family members and your kids , also you can check you kid's activities etc.

Journey Details

Circle members will able to see each other journeys and be connected with each other, no matter how far they are.

Invite Only

Journeys and locations will be visible and shared to circle members only.

View Drive

View route information with detailed driving behaviour like Avg. speed, top speed, rapid acceleration, hard breaking and phone used while driving.

Automate Place

Set up location alerts for the circle members. Receive automatic alerts for them whenever they arrive or leave the favourite spots.

Flexible Location

Circle members has the liberty to decide when they want to share their location with circles.


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Vind Plus

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Unlimited Place

Set up unlimited Place Alerts for the circle members. Get notified when your circle members arrive at or leave from the places for which you have set the alerts. You can set up alerts for popular places like office, home, school, gym, sports complex and many more.

30 Days of Journey

We provide 30 days of location and journey details of each circle member. Seeing those details you can figure out how you and your circle members have spent their time.

Safe Drive

We provide in depth- information about the driving behaviour which can help driver to improvise their driving skills and be a safe drivers. This feature automatically highlight the events which happened during the journey are Average speed, Top Speed, Rapid Acceleration, Hard Breaking and Phone Used while driving in the map.

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Vind simplifies life for people by making it easy to stay connected with their loved ones, employees and people with whom you can't afford to loose connection. Be connected, Be safe and Be Together with Vind..

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